University of Maryland

Exchange Programs

Founded in 1856, the University of Maryland is located in College Park, just outside of Washington DC. Given its proximity to Washington DC, the university has engaged in a number of federal research initiatives with NASA, the National Institute of Health, and Department of Homeland Security. The Academic Ranking of World Universities placed Maryland at 43, and the 2016 US News and World Report put it at 57. With over 37,000 students and 100 undergraduate majors, the University of Maryland has much to offer.

Major: ECE or ME

Study Year: Sophomore, Junior or Senior

GPA Requirement: None

English Requirement: TBD

Fall term : late August – Christmas

Spring term : late January – mid May

 Term Dates

Certain courses that have been taken in the past by JI students have been entered into JI’s course equivalency database:

 Course Equivalencies

JI students continue to pay tuition at JI; no tuition is paid at the University of Maryland.