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The Master of Management Program with Ross School of Business is a 10-month program offering an action-based curriculum, high-impact leadership development, and a dynamic, purposely-designed career search preparation program to students at the JI as non-business majors, to power their potential and help them land ideal job.

Students are recommended to plan for the application of the program as early as in their sophomore years. Students will receive a BSs Degree issued by SJTU and after the completion of the MM program, a Master of Management degree from UM.

Application Information

To join the program, JI students have to complete their undergraduate degree prior to starting the MM program in June, which means students will miss the last summer term at JI. To make sure JI students are able to graduate on time, Ross has provided 2 options as follows:

Option 1:

Spend winter term (January through April) as a non-degree undergraduate student at the University of Michigan prior to starting the MM program in June, and transfer credits back to the JI for the undergraduate degree.

  • Please plan your study and work closely with your academic advisor to ensure you will be able to complete your undergraduate degree by spending the 2019 Winter term at UM while missing the 2019 Summer term at JI.
  • Please refer to the following database for courses that are transferrable from UM – JI: Please note that MM students are generally NOT allowed to take courses with CoE so as an alternative please check the courses offered by LSA. If the courses are not on the list and you want to transfer it back to JI, please check with the advisor first before you submitting the credit transfer request.
  • For students interested in Option 1, the final deadline for application is September 1st and you will receive an admission decision by October 1st.


  • By September: Online Application
  • By October: Admission Decision
  • January – April (Winter Term at UM): Take courses at UM as Non-degree undergraduate students. By the end of the term you will need to have enough credits to be able to graduate at SJTU
  • June: Start the MM program

Option 2:

Graduate from the UM-SJTU Joint Institute early, and join the MM program at the normal start date, typically in mid-June.

  • For students who are able to graduate by end of 2019 Spring term at JI.
  • Please plan to apply by the November 15th deadline, but Ross will accept applications up until February 1st.


  • By November: Online Application (recommended)
  • By Feb or March: Admission Decision
  • June, 2019: Start the MM program


Useful wesites:

Please review the Application Requirements and the Frequently Asked Questions page to learn a bit more about requirements and the admissions process.

For JI students please refer to additional information on the Transition Options webpage.