Smart, Super, Strong, Structures, Spirit, Solids, Stay humble, …

We are a highly motivated research team to learn “mechanics and design” of mechanical metamaterials. We explore intelligent solids and structures having programmable mechanical properties by transformation of micro-architecture (often called “mesostructures” at ~mm cell size). We are interested in exploring the correlation of transformable micro-architecture to the macro-mechanical properties.

We design mechanical metamaterials whose mesostructures can be programmed with external stimuli – thermo-mechanical, pneumatic, magnetic, and others.  The deformation controlled mesostructures generate multi-mechanical properties - negative Poisson’s ratios, negative stiffness, negative compressibility, negative thermal expansion, elastic wave filtering, elastic wave guideline, etc.  We often integrate the metamaterials design with advanced manufacturing methods, e.g., 4D printing, fabricating mesostructures with multi-materials, programming the material’s function with time. We also use soft robotics as an active deformation control of metamaterials.

Our research philosophy is on the robust mechanics-based design.  We use an integrated approach – i) analytical modeling, ii) numerical simulations, and iii) experimental validation. We use (nonlinear) solid mechanics, kinematic mechanisms, mechanics of cellular solids, fabrication of programmable devices using 4D printing, (soft) robotics techniques, finite element (FE) based simulations, and experimental measurements.

A US-style based working culture – active participation and encouragement with open discussion and ii) a Chinese style based hardworking culture synergistically make us engaged in a dynamic learning environment to an in-depth level.

Work hard, play hard, and stay humble.