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     The Center of Optics and Optoelectronics (COO) is a group of electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, physicists and material scientists working together at the UM-SJTU Joint Institute (JI). The center is led by Prof. Peisen Huang, the deputy dean of JI, and Prof. Xinwan Li, the associate dean for research of JI. The development of optics and optoelectronics has been leading the advancement of science and technology and profoundly changed our life, among which laser precision optical spectroscopy, fiber-optic telecommunication, and CCD cameras are Nobel Prize subjects just in the last decade. The faculty's research spans the areas of biomedical technology, energy, information, and material science.
     In biophotonics, Profs. Jigang Wu and Wenjie Wan work on novel imaging techniques for in vivo, wide field-of-view and high resolution applications. Their research subjects include optical coherence tomography, focus grid scanning-based optical microscopes and subwavelength resolution nonlinear optical microscopy. Prof. Tian Yang works on fiber-tip optical biosensing techniques to develop high sensitivity, low cost and portable cancer diagnosis devices. Prof. Benjamin Yellen studies the nonlinear dynamics of particle motion in magnetic lattices for the sorting and separation of colloidal beads attached to biomolecules with unprecedented resolution. Prof. Sung-Liang Chen works on the development of acoustic sensors based on optical resonators to facilitate applications of photoacoustic imaging in biomedical studies.
     In energy photonics, Profs. Tian Yang and Yaping Dan work on new generations of photovoltaic and light emitting nano devices which are targeted at high efficiency and low cost. Their research subjects include thin film solar cells, light emitting diodes, silicon nanowires and light trapping.
     In information photonics, Prof. Peisen Huang works on ultrahigh precision and portable optical sensing and coding techniques, and their applications for long range, high resolution, high speed and multidimensional topography and pattern recognition. Prof. Xinwan Li works on on-chip photonics and fiber devices for communication and sensing. Prof. Tian Yang works on nano lasers and photodetectors for intrachip optical interconnection and for the detection of single molecule Raman scattering. Prof. Wenjie Wan works on coherent absorbers, or anti-lasers, which is a new concept in optoelectronics information processing. Prof. Yaping Dan develops single electron transistors, single dopant electronics, high speed plasmonic photodetectors, and single photon devices.
     In material science, Prof. Huan Qi studies transport phenomena, on-line optical diagnostics and non-equilibrium synthesis of materials with advanced properties in high energy laser materials processing and ultra shot pulsed laser precision manufacturing. Prof. Benjamin Yellen studies the self assembly of colloidal superstructures and phononic metamaterials for acoustic invisibility materials, acoustic diodes, earthquake detection and energy harvesting. Prof. Tian Yang studies the iridescence and self-cleaning properties of biomimetic optical materials and their fabrication. Prof. Wenjie Wan studies nonlinear surface plasmonics and their subwavelength and quantum properties.

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Email: ji-optics@sjtu.edu.cn

Open Positions

     We are always seeking highly motivated graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and research scientists to join the center. Background and exprience in optics, optoelectronics, electrical engineering, physics,material science and instrument design are desired. Please send your CV and a statement of your research interests to faculty members or contact ji-optics@sjtu.edu.cn.

     Graduate Students Recruitment Notice for 2016 (in chinese).

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