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Activity Overview: DSC lab is working on 1) battery and energy management; 2) wireless power transfer; 3) electric vehicle dynmics; and 4) servo control. For a brief overview of our activities in 1) and 2), our two major directions now, please refer to PPT-1 and PPT-2 prepared for invited speeches in Tsinghua University and Shanghai Tech, respectively, in July, 2017.

Most Recent Publication: M. Fu, H. Yin, M. Liu, C. Ma: "A 6.78 MHz Multiple-Receiver Wireless Power Transfer System with Constant Output Voltage and Optimum Efficiency", IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, accepted on June 30th, 2017. [PDF]


 (May 27, 2017) A delegation led by Professor Alec Gallimore, the Robert J. Vlasic Dean of Engineering at the University of Michigan, visited DSC lab [link]. 

 (Dec. 16, 2016) Prof. Chengbin Ma received UM-SJTU Joint Institute "2016 Research Excellence Award".

 (Dec. 7, 2016) DSC students won this year's all important awards for graduate students at JI and SJTU. He Yin: National Scholarship; Songyang Han: Excellence scholarship; Chen Zhao: KLA Scholarship; Ming Liu: Lixin Tang scholarship, The 1st top ten SJTU "Academic Star" (ranked No. 1 in final oral defence) [link].

 (Jul. 26, 2016) Prof. Chengbin Ma received Shanghai Jiao Tong University "2016 Outstanding Teaching Award" [link].

Our focus is to develop strategies for the control of various dynamic systems such as networked energy system, wireless power transfer system, electric vehicle and other electromechanical systems. The research includes a strong "interdisciplinary" element, i.e., synergistic integration of physical systems, control theory, sensing and actuation devices, which make possible the generation of simpler, smarter, more efficient and reliable systems.