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XU Yang (许阳),M.S.

Mechanical Engineering
Cell Phone: 138-1645-6377
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Curriculum Vitae: [English]


——————————————     EDUCATION BACKGROUND     —


♦ B.S. : UM-SJTU Joint Institute

   —   Mechanical Engineering (7th in 47)

♦ M.S. : UM-SJTU Joint Institute

   —   ME and Automation

   —   Major courses and grades

Engineering optimization
Manufacturing processes and systems 
Applied mathematics
Mechanism design
Engineering decision making
Modern electric machine design
Mechanical design and reliability


——————————————————     RESEARCH WORK     ——


♦ Electric vehicle active safety control

   —   Building vehicle dynamic model

   —   Establishing novel EV envelope control based on accelerometer

   —   Low hardware demand

   —   For all-wheel drive

   —   Visualized control effect

          When excessive torque applied, the best control strategy allows Highest torque which will not spin the vehicle.

The left figure simulate the input of 2000Nm torque/wheel, 4 steps of steering angle, under envelop control. The right figure simulate the reference simulation without control. Furthermore, the velocity profile of controlled case reveals the control quality as the figure below.

The four steering steps are 0.5rad, 0.2rad, 0.05rad, and 0.01rad respectively. In every step, the vehicle accelerate in the maximum safety rate, then reach to a saturated speed, which is unstable to allow any considerable acceleration.


——————————————————     Spirit of Design     ——


There is much I like to design

Cars, Machines, Mechanisms…

They are yet just ideas

I need chance to make them REALITY



————————————————     Entertaining Coding     —


Although I am not in Computer Science Majoy, but coding has nothing to do with "difficulty" to me. Sometime it can be fun to learn some coding when the vacation is boring, just as I teach myself JAVA in the winter vacation of Junior year.

>>>Show time<<<

↑↑   Mouse-controlled Tetra-bug

       Implemented using JAVA, based on self developed simple 3D engine


↑↑   Mouse-controlled Jet

       Implemented using C++, based on OpenGL


—————————————     Handicraft Man     —


As one of my best hobbies, I won't spare any chance to do some handicraft works, like in course project, in research work, or in daily entertainment.

These are my favorate wooden models of classic sail ships I made recently.


============ THANK  YOU =============