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  1. 2012 Vg100 Summer Symposium Pictures

    July 22, 2012 by Communication and Public Relations Office, updated by M. Ghazan Khattak   Share:   RenRen   Print

    2012 Vg100 Summer Symposium was held on July 21-22. JI freshmen presented 39 inventions as part of their Vg100 assignments.

    Here are some snapshots of the event.

    20120725141712311231Students with parents walking into the venue with confidence

    2012072514210834834Prof. Daida, a UM professor, teaches Vg 100 at JI every summer

    20120725142369016901Team Panda’s automatic music stand

    20120725142526452645Team Wise.E‘s pedal-driven broom cleaner to remove long hair

    20120725142633683368Showing the result of a survey: “What kind of broom do you use?”

    20120725142735833583Team FTFer’s WiFi intensity demonstration with LED lights on a bicycle

    20130114085288898889Team Failure.temp describing their inexpensive ultra-high speed medical centrifuge

    20130114085332943294Team ARMS’s water recycling system designed to solve the drought problem in the Tianshui area in Gansu Province

    20120725143287378737Team PASSIONeer showing the low cost of their combined contact lenses & glasses container

    20120725143389888988Team Axis demonstrating their automatic page-turner for piano scores

    20120725143421162116Team Extra-Scope’s rain-and-snow-proof chimney cap for a wood carbonizer in Harbin, China

    20120725143549014901Q&A at end of each presentation

    20120725143699329932Team SophCosmos’s trolley for farmers to use on field paths in China

    20120725143889228922Team members listening attentively to their teammate

    2012072514390309309Parents snapping great performance

    20120725144164996499Yanran Yang and Xiao Wu, TA’s of Vg100

    20120725144181468146Mengyang Qi and Jianghao Lu, TA’s of Vg100

    20120725144236593659Masako Iwamoto teaches English communication and writing skill for Vg100

    20120725144674287428TA’s and students celebrating the successful presentation

    20120725144748114811Prof. Daida and students at the closing of the symposium