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  1. 2014 Summer Design Expo A Hit

    August 13, 2014 by Shelly Sun, translated by Yi-Ling Bauchau   Share:   RenRen   Print

    The highly anticipated JI Summer Design Expo was held with extra fanfare this year on August 6th. For the first time, a JI Open House was held simultaneously. Nearly 500 visitors, including corporate representatives, prospective students and parents, attended the exhibition at the SJTU New Library which featured 78 projects of the JI freshmen and seniors. 8.6-Peisen

    In his welcoming address, Prof. Peisen Huang, JI Executive Dean, was excited about sharing JI’s achievements and was grateful for the public’s supports. This is the ninth exhibition since 2010. Over time, the Expo has made tremendous progress and become very popular, with increasingly more corporate participation and sponsorship. The Design Expo is a perfect way to showcase JI students’ talents and creativity.8.6 Vincent

    Dr. Vincent Chang, Faculty Director of Corporate Relations, introduced the highlights of the Design Expo: 85% of the 24 Capstone Design projects are corporate sponsored and 39 are Vg 100 projects.  A new Entrepreneurship Innovation Seminar has been established, and a fresh breeze was brought by a mini art show of senior student Yuqing Ying, an accomplished artist who has become famous in the Shanghai art circle.

    Capstone Design Projects Sponsored by Companies

    Corporate sponsorship of the Capstone Design projects has become increasingly significant, which has expanded to 20 projects this time, sponsors including General Electrics, Siemens, Whirlpool, Intel, Covidien, Dover, Logic Solutions, and Yanfeng KSS. There is a breakthrough in depth and breadth in JI’s collaboration with the industry.IMG_1753-s

    “Integrative Android/hardware Design for Wireless Blood Pressure Meter” (GE sponsored IMG_1784-s

    “Automatic Cooking Machine” in operation(sponsored by GE)

    Exhibited on the first floor of the SJTU Library were the five projects sponsored by the General Electrics: “Smart Monitoring for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)”aims to develop a light-weight, economical, and green device to monitor apnea; “Integrative Android/hardware Design for Wireless Blood Pressure Meter” communicates with the Android APP and measures blood pressure accurately by applying the oscillometric method; “Portable Reverse Osmosis Machine” filters out harmful particles from unclean water with a cheap portable and manually operable RO machine to produce drinking water; the “Automatic Cooking Machine,” co-developed by two groups on Android software and hardware design respectively, was demonstrated at the exhibition and stirred out delicious dishes which attracted a large crowd.DSC_1395-s

    “One-Page Mode Scan Solution for HP AiO LaserJet ADF”(sponsored by HP)DSC_1434-s

    “IGV Actuation Control System Integration”( sponsored by Siemens)

    Among the projects sponsored by the Siemens, the “Multi-specimen Creep Test Rig” is capable of testing more than twenty specimens simultaneously, thereby saving time and cost significantly; the “Compressor IGV Vane Sealing Component Design” aims to select a new sealing component and design a test rig which can facilitate both rotary sealing component test and sliding test; “Laser Engraving of Micro-nano Structure to Enhance Coating Interface Strength for GT Component” has been analyzed and experimented, a prototype manufactured, and analytical model prepared for the next stage of development; the “IGV Actuation Control System Integration” tries to solve the problem of precise control of the IGVs by control algorithms and prove that it is feasible to design and manufacture a system of good precision with limited fund and resources.

    The representatives of Siemens are very impressed by JI students’ performance: “It is hard to imagine that the students have delivered such results within three months. Their thinking and technical capabilities have far surpassed our expectations. All these projects could revolutionize production and efficiency. We look forward to their applications on the production line.”            DSC_1426-s

    “Design Upgrade of Consumable Cartridge Filling Device”(sponsored by Dover)

    Likewise,those projects sponsored by Whirlpool, Intel, Covidien, Dove, Logic Solutions, and Yanfeng KSS are all key projects of the companies. JI students have produced the prototypes which the companies will continue to develop. Hopefully the final products will be on market within 1 to 2 years.

    VG 100 Projects Exude Freshmen’s Creativity

    The star of the Design Expo was freshmen’s innovative projects for Vg 100: Introduction to Engineering, a required course which lets students explore, research, create, and present their inventions. DSC00315-s

    “Wonder Tap”demonstrationDSC_1436-s “Smart Express”untouchable screen

    “Untouchable Touch Screen”demoIMG_0048-s


    The visitors were awestruck by various innovative Vg 100 projects, such as the amazing low-cost “Untouchable Touch Screen, ” the “Wonder Tap” which saves water, the “Smart Express” where the shipping process is tractable, convenient self-help “Personal Urine Rapid-analyze System,”  daily-living helpers including “Automatic Mixed-rice Producer,” “Automatic Bubble Milk Tea Maker,” and “Intelligent Crib.” Many creative projects aim at rescue mission, such as “Unmanned Indoor Searching Vehicle,” “Ultra Climber,” “Intelligent Blimp,” and “Automatic Rescue Aircraft.” The inventions demonstrate JI students’ rich imagination and extraordinary hands-on capabilities.

    Entrepreneurship Innovation Seminar Incubates New Business Opportunities

    JI course “Business Basics for Entrepreneurs”teaches students concepts of entrepreneurship and requires students to come up with innovative ideas based on the society’s needs and market research. As a part of the Design Expo, the Entrepreneurship Innovation Seminar exhibited and presented 8 projects, among which “Alpaca”is a mobile app to connect garages and drivers, a kind of customer review system in car-repairing industry, which helps car owners get their cars repaired conveniently and economically; “City Hunter” is a map-based game which provides users with adventures and missions to accomplish.


    A student presenting a project in the Entrepreneurship Innovation Seminar

    Art Show in the Engineering School

    Among the technical exhibits, a contrasting art show presented by Yuqing Yu, a Class 2010 graduate, was a traffic stopper. As an engineering student majoring in ECE, she is the youngest rising star in the Shanghai arts circle. Ying infuses engineering concepts into many of her art pieces, creating a unique style which is an example of science-art combination.

    This small show at her alma mater upon her graduation is especially meaningful.yingyuqing-works

    Counter clockwise from top left:

    “Hainan Impression” depicts the gentle soft plant form inspired from the abstract design principles Ying had learned from her ‘Computer Architecture’ course, exhibited at Shanghai Arts Palace in July 2014;

    “Tractor” shows the beauty of machinery structure, exhibited at East Bund Arts Center in January 2014;

    “Still life with chains” series expresses Ying’s feeling about the disappearing industry, exhibited in various Shanghai arts venues in 2013;

    “Shattered plaster sculpture.”IMG_0143-s

    Upon graduating, Yuqing Ying presented a watercolor painting to JI

    The grand finale of the Design Expo was the award ceremony where the best project teams received awards. DSC_7514-s

    Group photo of all participants of the Design Expo

    Winners of the 2014 JI Summer Design Expo:

       Capstone Design Projects:

      • Gold prize:Multi-specimen Creep Test Rig
      • Silver prize:Auto-pilot Control System for Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
      • Silver prize:OpenCL Based Face Detection and Recognition Algorithm Tuning
      • Best team work:Team 6 (Automatic Cooking Machine Software Design Based on Android) and Team 7 (Automatic Cooking Machine Hardware Design)

      Vg 100 Projects:

    Best Techniques:

      • Hercules
      • Personal Urine Rapid-analyze System

    Best Exhibition:

      • Untouchable Touch Screen
      • Smart Express

             Entrepreneurship Innovation Seminar:

    Best commercial project:  Alpaca