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  1. 2017 JI Open House and Summer Design Expo successful

    August 18, 2017 by JI Communications and Marketing Office   Share:   RenRen   Print

    On August 9, University of Michigan- Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint institute’s open house on the occasion of 2017 summer Design Expo was held at the Minhang Campus of SJTU. More than 500 students and parents from home and abroad participated in the activities to see JI’s outstanding students and extraordinary achievements first hand.


    In his welcoming address, Dean Peisen Huang thanked the students and parents for traveling a long way. He explained JI’s unique model for nurturing innovative global leaders and JI’s philosophy of “internationalization, interdisciplinarity, innovation and quality.” He shared JI’s achievements in talent training as well as JI’s vision of future developments. As a successful example of international cooperation in higher education, JI’s educational model has been highly recognized in China and overseas. Both of JI’s undergraduate majors have obtained ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) certification. High-quality English teaching and world-class teachers have created a superior learning environment.


    Dean Huang pointed out that having produced excellent graduates is JI’s greatest success in its eleven years of history. For example, among the undergraduate graduates in 2017, 84% will continue graduate study at famous foreign and domestic universities; most of those who chose employment are hired by Huawei, Google, Amazon, Facebook, NVIDIA, Intel, Microsoft, China Mobile and other renowned multinational companies.

    DSC_2509Professor Chengbin Ma introduced graduation design courses and projects

    DSC_2628Professor Yanfeng Shen explained the freshman “Introduction to Engineering” course and projects

    Professors Chengbin Ma and Yanfeng Shen introduced to the guests JI’s brand feature – summer design expo – with a wealth of cases and detailed facts. Student representatives went on the podium to demonstrate their projects.

    DSC_2530Member of JI Student Entrepreneurial Club “Nesuku” introduced their products.

    DSC_2576Team members introduced their capstone design project “Mobile Application” sponsored by Thunderbolt technology.

    DSC_2594Team members introduced their capstone design project “Virtual Vehicle Driving” sponsored by Logic Solutions.

    DSC_2699Team members demonstrated their “Introduction to Engineering” project “iGlove – Wearable Keyboard.”

    The 2017 JI Summer Design Expo showcased more than 90 innovative student projects, among which 32 graduation design projects are almost entirely sponsored by international leading companies, including Bosch, General Electric, Siemens, Intel, United Automotive Electronics, YITU Technology, Panasonic, Logic Solutions, and German ZF. The exhibition projects are the results of a number of JI’s summer undergraduate experimental courses such as “Introduction to Engineering,” “Design and Manufacturing 3,” “System Design and Implementation,” and “Undergraduate Research Projects. ” The Expo is a comprehensive exhibition of JI students’ achievements.


    DSC_2675Parents admiring products from “Introduction to Engineering” projects


    In his closing remarks, Professor Xinwan Li said the cultivation of first-class talents is JI’s utmost mission, which continues the SJTU tradition, based on patriotism, social responsibility, and parental expectations. The Joint Institute has been committed to taking its unique international advantages to cultivate a large number of innovative global leaders. Professor Li hoped that the students and parents would be able to learn more about JI during the open house and make valuable suggestions.

    WeChat Image_20170810120408After the info seminar, led by JI faculty and students, many students and parents visited JI’s Yu Liming Student Center, Innovation Center, and scientific research laboratories.