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  1. JI 2019 Winter Design Expo releases solutions for healthy life

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    The University of Michigan- Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute’s (UM-SJTU JI) 2019 Winter Design Expo was held at Long Bin Building on December 11th. The 44 projects showcased during the exhibition cover JI’s various experimental courses from freshman through senior year, including “Introduction to Engineering” and “System Design and Implementation,” as well as a “Global Multidisciplinary Design Project.” It depicts a comprehensive picture of JI undergraduate students’ accomplishments in research and innovative practice.


    Freshman endeavors set to aid healthy life

    Have you ever tried a massage device that prevents thrombus? Have you ever seen an adjustable fracture rehabilitation wrister with Ironman-like shell? Still worried that a sedentary lifestyle will hurt your back? For the VG 100 projects of the Expo,  innovative freshman students cast their eyes on health technology.


    Adjustable Fracture Rehabilitation Wrister

    Wrist fracture is very common in our daily life, for which bandage and gesso are two of the most common treatment methods. Although plaster fixation is simple, economical and can work as very strong immobilization, due to its integrity and seal, there exist some issues, such as the fact that it is airtight and unattractive. Also, it only applies to the initial part of rehabilitation, because broken wrists need different limits of freedom for different stages of rehabilitation. Consequently, the group came up with the idea of this adjustable wrister. The core part of our project is a small mechanical construction, the e-Spring. It is an elastic structure with adjustable stiffness coefficients. By adjusting the width and thickness of the annular elastic material, people can effectively control the stiffness of stretching and the strength that can be held. In addition, the product can be divided into three parts. First comes the lining, which is an inner cuff to make the wrister more comfortable and provide basic protection. Then the product has two secondary shells serving as platforms and supporting structures for the e-Springs and levers. The third part is the outmost Ironman-like shell providing an attractive appearance.


    Plastic Bottle Organizer

    Those who attended the Summer Design Expo may still remember the plastic bottle buster which separates the cap from the main part of the bottle. The plastic bottle organizer is an updated version of that. This product can organize bunches of bottles and unify their cap directions to prepare for later separation process. A slope is applied to let the bottles lie down. Then a conveyor belt with partition boards bring each bottle in one slot. On the other side, a channel is open to let the bottles out. Four protuberance are set at the opening to let heads of bottles pass first so that the bottle falls in the same heading directions. Eventually, plastic bottles come out in order and are prepared for later disposal.


    Large-capacity Manual Water Purifier

    Water is the source of life and the quality of drinking water to a certain extent determines the quality of life, so water purifier in our life has been widely used. But in refugee camps, it is difficult for people to have access to healthy drinking water. This portable manual water purifier allows for purified drinking water wherever you go. This water purifier uses three filtration systems to bring water from wild sources up to potable water standards. The foot pump is used to push the raw water into filter. Raw water first go through the laminated filter, which can get rid of the particles whose diameter is more than 200μ. The water then go through ceramic filter to filter most of smaller particles and bacteria. Finally foot pump is used to provide pressure for reverse osmosis membrane, to complete reverse osmosis, removing viruses and ion. In the future, the group will optimize the layout of internal pipes and filter structure to make the whole device more portable and improve the rate of water purification, so that more refugees can have access to healthy water.

    5Hive of Life: Instant Hexagonal Modular Shelter

    8Adjustable infant carrier

    DSC_8407Portable rehabilitation device for knees

    Corporate-sponsored Capstone design projects deepen the Institute-enterprise partnership

    Corporate-sponsored graduation Capstone design projects have played a huge role to the success of the JI design expos. For the winter expo,  18 out of 24 Capstone projects are sponsored by well-known companies in the industry, such as Didi, Midea, Intel, VMware, KLA Corporate, Panasonic, Comau, Huayu Vision, DeepMag, Shanghai Feili Xuncheng, etc. These daily-life related subjects are all from the first-tier technical projects of enterprises, reflecting the trend of future engineering.

     4Direct ink writing based 3D printer

    7EML device with a fixed six degree of freedom


    Healthcare Telepresence Robot for Elderly

     In the future, the elderly will be taken good care of by a robot while the youngster can focus more on their career. Caregivers can communicate and provide care for elderlies with the robot when they’re away through this healthcare telepresence robot. The robot can provide functions including medicine dispensation, video call and basic entertainment. It is worth mention that the robot can be totally controlled by caregivers remotely, so elderlies don’t need to be worried how to use it, enhancing the connection between the elderly and their family.


    Multiple-sources-based user Experience Enhancement Scheme for Ride-hailing Applications

    DiDi Chuxing has become one of the most commonly used ride-hailing applications. According to our survey on user experience in ride-hailing, long waiting time becomes the most common complaint. This project intends to ease the problem, that is to reduce the waiting time, so as to improve user experience. In this project, students make use of the data of past orders and weather. They classified and divided large amounts of data, and used regression analysis XGBoost and neural network ST-LSTM to carry out machine learning, to predict the amount of orders in different regions at different times in the city (Haikou). The predicted future demand given by this model can be provided to drivers through graphical interface, so that drivers can plan and go districts with high demand in advance according to the prompts. The results can also be integrated into DiDi delivery system to help guide drivers. The simulation demonstrates that the application of this product can reduce the average waiting time of ride-hailing by 15% on the whole. It saves time for users, improves user experience, accelerates turnover of vehicles and improves the utilization rate of resources, which is of great practical significance.


    Refrigerated Variable Temperature Zone Design

    Nowadays, people have increasingly diversified ingredients and need to refine storage space. Each kind of food should be stored in different temperature to stay in the best condition. Although currently there are products on the market that can switch temperature, usually the temperature in the refrigeration area remains to be same. To solve the problem, this project is to create 4 independent temperature zones in a single refrigerator based on refined air duct system. To this end, they designed a new “left and right sliding” air-duct system. The design creates a 2-gate control unit driven by step motor. The smaller 4-door gate is directly connected to the compressor which produces cooled air, and the larger 22-door gate is smartly connected to the four temperature zones. With the simple operation of sliding the 4-door gate, our design can fulfill all the situations to provide cooled air to any combination of the four air-gates.


    DSC_8691Gold Award winner: Cloud gaming based on Akraino ICN edge stack

    DSC_8473Intelligent comprehensive testing system for travel switch

    DSC_8601Depth camera based gesture password system

    DSC_8557VR based mechanical arm remote gesture control


    As a leading feature of JI design expos, the Global Multidisciplinary Design Project (GMDP) is always bound to attract a lot of attention. This year’s GMDP project is sponsored by VMware. The project team comprises 3 JI students and 3 students from the College of Engineering, University of Michigan. They collaborated both online and offline in Shanghai and Ann Arbor to complete the project. Their final prototype system will be presented in coming April at the Design Expo of the University of Michigan. The GMDP project serves to improve students’ teamwork and practice abilities under the cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary and engineering background. It will also help engineering students improve the professional techniques and communication skills required to be an international engineer.


    Since the first corporate-sponsorship was launched at JI in 2010, more and more multinational companies have sponsored “customized” projects that follow their market trends. Representatives of those corporates indicated during the meeting with JI teachers that they stand ready for further cooperation in future capstone design projects, research, employment and internship, scholarship and career development opportunities. In recent years, the proportion of JI’s corporate-sponsored projects has increased every year and JI students have earned accolades from the sponsors. The corporate-institute partnership creates a win-win outcome. Through the courses, exchanges and other effective means, JI stimulates students’ creative thinking and provides a multichannel and comprehensive platform for talent training and business cooperation.


    2019 JI Winter Design Expo Award List

    VE/VM450 Capstone Design Projects

    Gold Award

    Cloud gaming based on Akraino ICN edge stack

    Team: Hu Zechen, Zhou Jian, Xie Yihao, Wang Zibo, Liu Zhouke


    Silver Award

    VR-Enabled Gesture Control of Robotic Arm 

    Team: Yang Wentao, Jin Minhao, Xiang Zhiyuan, Wang Jingying, Niall Halloran

    Depth Camera Based Gesture Cryptosystem

    Team: Meng Tianyu, Jin Zhangyu, Tao Yitong, Yuan Jian, Liu Shiyu

    Intelligent Integrated Testing System for Limit Switch

    Team: Ai Yuchen, Guo Chengzhang, Luo Meichao, Gong Chun, Li Rui


    VG100 Design Projects

    Best Technology Award

    Plastic Bottle Organizer

    Team: Zhang Jiacheng, Gu Jiajun, Liu Chang, Wang Siming, Cheng HaoLiang

    Best Innovation Award

    High capacity manual water purifier

    Team:Bi Shun, Li Oumeng, Zhu Jingtian, Nahin Hossain, Zhang Chengsong

    Best Presentation Award

    Hive of Life: Instant Hexagonal Modular Shelter

    Team:Yijun Yuan, Xiaoyu Liu, Fan Zhang, Runxi Wang, Yiwei Yin

    Hexagonal modular quick-build house