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  1. Brand New, Topping U

    November 2, 2011 by Qijun Jiang   Share:   RenRen   Print
    A welcome show for the 2011 freshmen as well as the JI award ceremony took place in Jingjing Hall on November 2. The event, titled “Brand New, Topping U,”  was organized by the UM-SJTU JI Student  Association and officiated by Robert Parker, Deputy Dean, Peisen Huang,  Associate Dean for Education, and Wansheng Zhao, Associate Dean for Research. Besides a big turnout of students, several teachers and staff members also attended the ceremony.
    During  the JI Award Ceremony, students and student groups with outstanding performance in academics, club activity, and social service were presented awards by the JI officers. The awardees include Jingcheng Wang, Yujie An, Chenyu Yi, Yunnnan Support Mission, JI News Club,  Liaison Club, and Science Club. Their achievements were not only recognized by the JI leaders but also are inspiring to the freshmen.
    In the welcome show, each class presented three or four variety shows, including singing, dancing, skit, and music instrument performance, including classical, rock and roll, and traditional Chinese music.  The exciting and well-rehearsed performances won loud applause. It shows that JI students are not only smart but also talented.
    The programs were interspersed with ruffles and video clips about each JI class as well as well-wishing from JI faculty members.
    The ceremony was concluded by a song “Same as You” sung by freshmen’s class teachers and TA’s, which showed their support and encouragement for the freshmen.
    Photo by Chen Li, Xiaobai Tong, Yilun Cao and Yin Yu
    Contributed by JI News Department