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  1. Design Expo: Inventing science and technology for a bright future

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    Focus News:

    JI 2019 Summer Design Expo foreruns a smarter life


    Focus News:

    JI 2018 Summer Design Expo opens a new smart connected era

    2017 Design Expo-chn

    Focus News:

    JI’s 2017 Summer Design Expo Showcases Trendy Technologies

    2017 JI Open House and Summer Design Expo Successful

    2016 Design Expo-chn

    Focus News:

    2016 JI Winter Design Expo Highlights Smart Living

    JI Open Day Attracts a Large Turnout of Prospective Students

    2016 JI Summer Design Expo Hot on Internet of Things

    2015 Design Expo-eng

    Focus News:

    Daring to Dream – A Kaleidoscope of Corporate Sponsored Innovations Dazzles at 2015 JI Summer Design Expo

    JI – Intel Collaboration Going Strong

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    Focus News:

    JI-HP Capstone Design Collaboration Going Strong

    2014 Summer Design Expo A Hit

    JI Innovative Team ‘Wonder 4’ Wonderful

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    2013 Design Expo banner

    Focus News

    Little Innovations, Great Technologies: The 2013 JI Winter Design Expo Exhibits Tech Highlights

    Mad Lab: JI’s Vg 100 Recognized again

    Amazing innovation on display at Summer Design Expo

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