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  1. JI 2011 Winter Design Expo Successfully Concludes

    December 16, 2011 by Yiling Bauchau   Share:   RenRen   Print
    The 2011 Winter Capstone Projects Oral Defense and Design Expo were held at the Library of Shanghai Jiao Tong University on December 16, 2011. There are 20 capstone projects, 16 Vg100 projects, and three projects from the course “Entrepreneurship Hour”. The exposition attracted a large crowd, including students and teachers from inside and outside of JI, parents, and representatives from the industries.
    JI’s capstone design expo is held twice a year, at the end of summer and winter semesters. Under the supervision of a team of instructors, a group of four or five senior students from Mechanical Engineering (ME) and Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) are required to work together on one project. In this course, students are required to write a group report as well as individual reports in English, create the actual project and finally present in English oral defense.
    The winners of the capstone design and Vg100 projects were selected based on the design effort and oral defense. Associate Dean of Education Peisen Huang gave out the awards during the award ceremony.
    Capstone design winners:
    Gold prize: Close-Wheel Powertrain (Instructor: Prof. Mian Li)
                      Team members: Bao Xindi, Ding Jiayi, Lu Yang, Tang Wenli, Xu Yang
    Silver prize: Radio Frequency Energy Harvester (Instructor: Prof. Xinen Zhu)
                        Team members: Cai Xiuzhang, Cao Jiye, Hong Haocheng, Hua Sunni, Shi Xu
    Silver prize: Motor Control in Endoscopic Probes Based on Infrared Signals
                        Instructors: Prof. Jigang Wu, Prof. Chengbin Ma
                        Team members: Bailu Chen, Guangshuo Liu, Hao Xin, Ming Chen, Shiyu Dong
    Silver prize: Holo TV-Free Space Display (Instructors: Prof. Mian Li, Prof. Wenjie Wan)
                       Team members: Ce Shi, Kaiyang Wang, Tianyang Wang, Xuwen Xie, Mentian Zhang
    Vg100 design winners (Instructors: Prof. Peisen Huang, Ms. Masako Iwanmoto):
    First Prize: Automatic Wine-Pouring Machine
                      Team members: Chen Yifei, Li Juyi, Wang Yuxuan, Yang Song, Zhang Ningyuan
    Second Prize: Automatic Veggie-Cutter
                          Team members: Yanrong Li, Xiang Gao, Ruilin Zhang, Jongwan Lee
    Third Prize: Intellective Key-Lock Manager
                       Team members: Chiyi Wang, Dongyuan Li, Junxi Zhu, Yichao Yao
    Representatives from Covidien, National Instruments, Intel, Phillips Research, Shanda Networking, and TRW Automotive Inc. listened to the oral defense in the morning and attended the exposition in the afternoon.
    Mr. Bin Ni from the marketing department of National Instruments commented that his company has been helping universities innovate teaching, experiment, and research and he is glad to see the drive and creativity of the next generation of engineers. The two electric vehicles shown in the lobby contain some hardware from National Instruments. In addition, Mr. Ni is impressed by the Holo TV-Free Space Display and Wireless Charging Artificial Heart.
    A Covidien representative remarked, “The Expo is well organized and very informative.”
    An Intel guest added, “Congratulations for the highly successful Expo! Very impressive student projects!” “I am so glad to see so many creative ideas, totally impressed by these young men’s passion and diligence.”
    A guest from WayPointe marveled, “I am pleasantly surprised at the wealth of creativity and talent showcased at the Expo. Bravo!”
    A student from Class 2008, Chong Wang, said he would present his capstone design next summer and was at the Expo to get some ideas. He thinks that the critical factors of success are good team members and an interesting topic. A mother of Class 2008 student Siyuan Sun said that her son is a senior at University of Michigan now and will come back next summer to do his capstone design and oral defense.