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  1. JI Wins 2011 SJTU Awards for Student Counseling and Career Placement

    January 6, 2012 by Candice Liu   Share:   RenRen   Print
    The award ceremony for 2011 SJTU Student Counseling and Career Placement took place in Guangbiao Building on January 6, 2012.
    UM-SJTU JI won the award for advanced collective student counseling, which is the highest honor in SJTU. At the same time, JI also won the prize for career placement, which reflects not only JI graduates’ high employment rate in desirable job markets but also their impressive admission rate to graduate schools: 90% of the applicants were admitted to the top ten American engineering schools.
    JI’s student counseling office and career counseling office are very proud of the awards and will continue to help students achieve their career goals in the future.

    Dr. Scott Yang, JI Academic Affairs Manager (second left in the front row) receiving award!