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  1. Two JI Professors Awarded Shanghai Municipal 1000 Scholar Plan

    November 4, 2011 by Yiling Bauchau   Share:   RenRen   Print

    Associate Professor David Hung and Associate Professor Xudong Wang, were selected into the first batch of Shanghai Municipal 1000 Scholar Plan.  The award ceremony took place at Shanghai Municipal Party on November 4, 2011.

        Shanghai Municipal 1000 Scholar Plan intends to recruit overseas top-notch talents that are in serious shortage in China within the next five to ten years to meet the demand of national strategy and Shanghai key developments. It plans to build twenty to thirty municipal innovation and entrepreneurship bases in universities, research institutes, enterprises, and industrial zones.
        Professor Xudong Wang  was  excited to hear the news. He remarked that  this award is a great recognition of his research work. His application is in the category of Key Academic Program.  Even though the 1000 Scholar Plan is mostly a talented scholar program, he needed to provide a comprehensive research plan. His proposed research topics include theory and systems of next-generation wireless communication networks, smart grid communications, and cyber-physical systems. With the support of this award, he expects to keep conducting high-impact research work in UM-SJTU Joint Institute.
        Professor David Hung said that he was honored, delighted, and at the same time humbled.  He commented, “I work with bright and dedicated colleagues every day. They also deserve recognition.” His application is in Key Laboratories. Professor Hung remarked, “The award serves to solidify my determination to the education of engineers and technology talents who can meet challenges of this area. It also firms my devotion to the development of advanced technologies that create value for China’s economic growth and particularly for the regions of and surrounding Shanghai.”
    Professor David Hung
    Professor Xudong Wang