University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute


Regulations of JI Parent Association(2014) 


1. The UM-SJTU Joint Institute Parent Association is called “JI Parent Association” for short;

2. The mission of the JI Parent Association is to provide support and connection among JI parents, promote cooperation among the families, the JI, and the society, and create a better and fairer environment for our students;

3. The JI Parent Association stands for the best interests of JI students, their families, and the society. It ensures that JI fulfills her goal of cultivating high-quality talents through promoting the cooperation with the JI and the society;

4. The JI Parent Association is a non-profit volunteer organization; all parents are volunteers.


1. All parents of JI students are members of the JI Parent Association;

2. All JI faculty and staff are non-voting members of the JI Parent Association;

3. A presidium is set up for each JI class (year), composed of 8-12 members with 1-2 principal presidents.


1. The JI Parent Association represents the best interests of most JI students and parents, coordinates with JI’s Student Affairs Office, and assures student’s legal rights at JI and SJTU;

2. The JI Parent Association fosters communication between JI and parents concerning student’s education, reward, and discipline. It assists JI in drafting and carrying out related regulations;

3. The JI Parent Association promotes the communication and understanding between JI and parents, encourages parents and the society to participate in JI’s development, helps establishing the cooperation between JI and the society, and creates an outstanding growing environment for our students;

4. The JI Parent Association is actively engaged in managing and raising fund for the JI Development Fund and Parent Association Fund, supporting various student activities and JI’s long-term development;

5. The JI Parent Association participates actively in JI student recruitment and publicity activities and promotes internship and employment opportunities for JI students;

6. The JI Parent Association promotes  the collaboration between JI and local governments and companies. It also helps publicize JI’s achievements;

7. The presidium members of the JI Parent Association can participate in the coordination meetings of JI’s major events.

Members’ rights

1.  Members can participate in various activities organized by the JI Parent Association, elect, and be elected to be presidium members;

2. Members can join social media groups of the JI Parent Association to communicate with other parents throughout China, sharing parental experience and keeping updated of JI and students’ activities;

3. Members can participate in irregular meetings with the Dean, various JI Open Houses, and other opportunities of parent meetings;

4. Members have rights to express their opinions and suggestions about the JI Parent Association;

5. Members can join and help develop/maintain the blogs of the JI Parent Association.

Parent Association Fund

1. The JI Parent Association Fund is a special category of the JI Development Fund. It is supervised by the JI Parent Association and jointly managed by the SJTU Education Development Fund and the Joint Institute;

2. The donation to JI Parent Association Fund is voluntary and recommended to be 200 RMB per parent annually. There is no limit. All donations go to the JI Parent Association Fund;

3. Every donation to JI Parent Association Fund will be recognized by JI with a receipt and a thank-you letter and a tax-deductible charity receipt from SJTU Education Development Fund;

4. The methods of donating to JI Parent Association Fund include:

1)Donating in person during the JI Parent Association meeting on the first day of school;

2)Donating in person at JI’s Institute Advancement Office and Finance Office;

3)Donating online to JI Parent Association Fund at JI’s Giving website: After completing the donating process please leave your contact info or notify us at nc.ude.utjs@gnivig-ij.

5. JI Parent Association Fund is used to support JI students’ various activities, projects, publications, and non-profit websites, reward students with strong leadership and organization skills, and fund special needs of the students;

6. All expenditures of the JI Parent Association should be approved by two presidium members and two JI faculty or staff members and recorded by the Joint Institute and SJTU Education Development Fund.

The above Regulations of the JI Parent Association (2014) have been approved by the 2014 JI Parent Association meeting and taken effect ever since.