University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute


Student Testimony

4-Year Track Student

Stephen Yizhou Xu ( B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, SJTU, M.S. in Industrial and Operations Engineering, University of Michigan, JI Student Council Vice-President of Student Council Recipient, China National Scholarship):

Studying at JI is almost the same as studying at University of Michigan. The faculty background and the amount of team work and projects at JI are very similar, which made my transition to UM for my graduate program smoother. At JI, my leadership, time management and communication skills, creativity, ability to think critically, multi-tasking and pro-active attitude were honed.  These skills helped me a lot during my internship.


Dual Degree Program Participant

Jason Jiangyu Ming ( B.S. in Materials, Science and Engineering, University of Michigan, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, SJTU, M.S. in Materials, Science and Engineering, Stanford University Intern, U.S. Department of Energy – Center for Solar and Thermo Energy Conversion and Clean Cell International):

I chose JI because I valued the collaboration between both top schools. Plus, studying at JI was a rewarding experience because of what the team projects, world-class faculty and American style course design had taught me.  Furthermore, the standard sent by faculty and the peer pressure was very high but this is one of the most rewarding aspects of JI.


Graduate Students

Chen Wei: As the first class graduate students at JI, we face many opportunities as well as challenges. Most of us work with professors to build up the laboratories, during which a lot of design, purchasing and negotiation work is included. Fortunately, most lab construction has been completed. We, as well as you, can focus more on conducting the research work you interested in. JI provides an outstanding platform, so just treasure the time and pursue your dream.

Qiu Dong: Why did I choose it? That is the question I am always asking myself. Because we can have different kind of experience in JI! We can do our research with professors from top universities and institutes. What’s more, we can work in a relatively relaxing environment. We have the chance to talk with some real experts in the engineering field. Not only can we learn technical skills, but also we can get to know how to communicate and work with people. So we are so lucky to take part in the high-quality education. Let’s enjoy it and try our best to make a difference!


International Undergraduate Students

Reinaldo Harjanto (Indonesia, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, SJTU, Gold Awardee, UM-SJTU JI Design Expo, intern, Google, Shanghai Ingersoll Rand and Simers Global Sourcing): What I like best about studying at JI is the challenge we have as an international student.  Not only in terms of courses and study, but also life challenges, such as language, cultural barrier and achieving my goals.  Now, I’m already working in a Brazilian Sourcing Company where I can practice what I’ve learned from JI – both the course and life experience.

Emanuela Bran (Romania): I chose to study at JI when I was accepted at the ImperialCollege in the UK.  It is the only one in Shanghai where I can study Engineering taught in English. The JI’s faculty members are welcoming and the pool is international.  JI has helped me become independent and adapt to a society where everybody is so different from me.


International Graduate Students

Roozbeh Abedini Nassab (Iran): As a joint institute of a US university (Michigan) and a Chinese one (Jiao Tong), JI has formed an International education system. Excellent students, a world-class faculty and a nice atmosphere make it a very good place to study.  For example, my adviser, Professor Jon Tomas Gudmundsson, is a well-known researcher in the field of plasma processing.  I found his name in some great articles, and then asked him to accept me as his PhD student, that is the way led me to JI.  JI provides me an opportunity to live in one of the best cities of a fast growing country in the world and to study under a US-based education system.

Ali Mohammadabadi (Iran): I chose JI because Shanghai Jiao Tong University and University of Michigan rank in engineering, famous faculty members, good English programs and an easy life in Shanghai. An obvious advantage of JI is its integrated system, I mean that everything here has been integrated in a pre-defined system; students can get an overall view about courses and systems easily.  Same as most of international students, when I admitted to JI, I had not an exact view of the university and future. International students will try to get information as much as possible when applying the abroad university.  When they arrive at the destination university, they will face a new situation and life. Now I know choosing JI was a good decision, life at JI is nice for me