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Biomedical Technology


Better medical services are always desired in any growing economy. Coupled with the problem of aging societies, further improving people’s health has been a global challenge. The JI research cluster of Medical and Biomedical Technology addresses the challenge by focusing on advanced healthcare applications implementing latest advances in robotics, bio photonics, photometry, confocal microscopy, medical imaging etc to improve medical diagnosis and surgical intervention. Examples of these research topics include robot-assisted surgical systems where robots are used to perform steady and precise surgical interventions, low-cost, compact and networked surface plasmon resonance biochemical sensors, repeatable and well controlled single molecule Raman spectroscopy which may enable general public access, remote medical service and novel in-vivo applications, multi-modality imaging for accurate and high throughput diagnosis and detection of cancers or epidemic diseases, robotic rehabilitation, etc. Many of these topics span multiple scales and cross multiple disciplines from engineering to medicine. With the breakthroughs found ahead, researchers at JI are eager to bring better and cheaper healthcare service to a bigger population.


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