University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute


Communication and Networking


This cluster covers all aspects of communications and networking, ranging from fundamental theories to practical systems, from RF/baseband design to protocol development, and from wireless to wired communications. Currently, the research team of this cluster consists of two fullt-time professors, Xudong Wang and Xinen Zhu, and two affiliate professors, Yang Yang and Hua Qian, from Shanghai Wireless Center. Prof. Xudong Wang is leading this cluster and his research is currently focused on the following thrusts:

1) scalable wireless networking for next generation physical layer technologies;
2) full duplex wireless communications;
3) physical layer security;
4) smart grid communications and cyber physical systems;
5) mobile computing and mobile social networks;
6) Wireless network virtualization;
7) wireless mesh networks and the Internet of Things;
8) cognitive radio networks.


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