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Energy and Power Systems


The energy and power systems group focuses on the interdisciplinary research of advanced energy-efficient technologies and energy resources that are not only application specific but also fundamental in nature. A major research area is to develop new energy vehicle technologies and sustainable energy systems. Current research projects include the alternative powertrain systems, advanced electric vehicle systems development and control for enhanced safety, energy efficiency improvement. In addition, novel optimization and simulation-based analysis techniques are improved to aid the decision making process relating to the complex system design, analysis of electric vehicles, and complicated intelligent information systems. In the area of power systems, research is undertaken to develop wireless mesh networking technologies, which includes the third and fourth generations of developments in wireless network protocols. Other research areas focus on the transfer of electrical power wirelessly via magnetic resonance coupling and microwave; wireless charging of consumer
electronics and electrical vehicles, and space based solar power system. At the micro/nano scale, research is carried out to understand the interactions of nano photonic structures used in solar radiation and photovoltaic materials to improve the energy conversion efficiencies of solar cells.


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