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Thermo/Fluid Dynamics


A significant portion of the research pertaining to fluid mechanics and heat transfer is undertaken within this group. Research activities include:

(i) Heat transfer and aerodynamics with particular applications to turbomachinery. Research topics range from the fundamental studies of physical processes that are important for jet-engine life and performance, to the development of innovative design schemes for turbine blade and advanced measurement techniques and instrumentation. Major experimental facilities include low speed, high speed and transonic wind tunnels. Much of the experimental work is complemented by computational and theoretical analysis;
(ii) Turbulence-related phenomena, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) & Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS), and novel CFD techniques to tackle both fundamental physical and engineering issues; and
(iii) combustion, fuel mixture and engine combustion for automotive and aviation systems, atomization, optical diagnostics and novel flow sensing techniques. Within the Thermo/Fluids group, there are strong collaborations among engaged faculties/researchers with consistent emphasis on close linkage between theory/computation and experimentation.
(iv) Micro/Nanoscale Heat and Mass Transfer: fundamenta research on micro and nanoscale energy transfer and conversion, as well as the engineering applications in electronics cooling and energy conversion device.


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