University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute


Computational Dynamics Laboratory


Prof. Olivier A. Bauchau,


The computation dynamics laboratory conducts research in the areas of finite element methods for structural and multibody dynamics, rotorcraft aero-mechanical analysis and comprehensive simulation, experimental mechanics and dynamics, and the implementation of composites materials and structures for wind and renewable energy.

A finite element based multibody dynamics formulation for the comprehensive simulation of rotorcraft aero-mechanics problems was developed with various funding sources. The resulting code, Dymore, is presently in use in the US rotorcraft industry, government laboratories, and in the wind energy industry. The formulation, its versatility, and the quality of its predictions have been documented in a number of publications.

The laboratory has a long experience of interaction with the rotorcraft and wind energy industries worldwide through collaborative contracts or projects and consulting agreements. Multi-physics problems have been addressed through close collaboration with many colleagues specializing in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to couple our comprehensive codes with advanced CFD codes. The resulting aeroelastic simulation tools based on CFD are at the cutting edge of research in rotorcraft and wind turbine simulations.

Applications of multibody dynamics can also be found in many other fields of engineering, such as mechanical engineering problems, vehicle dynamics simulations, large flexible structures for space applications, or the emerging field of wind turbines. Future projects involve numerical efforts such as the development of parallel computational algorithm for multibody dynamics simulations. Experimental work will focus on the accurate mapping of strain field in rotating components for condition based maintenance applications.