University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute


Staff Positions

The UM-SJTU Joint Institute was jointly established by the University of Michigan and Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2006. Its aim is to become one of the premier education and research institutions in the world. It offers both undergraduate and graduate education in engineering. Its curriculum is modeled after Michigan’s and all of its courses are taught in English. It has a top-tier faculty team and an extremely talented and motivated student body. Its graduates are routinely placed at graduate schools of top universities around the world and recruited by multinational companies.

The Joint Institute is now looking for administration staff:

Job Title: Digital Media Specialist

Job Summary & Responsibility:

The person we are looking for will be responsible for the day to day administration of JI online resources and reports to the Communications and Marketing Manager. He/She needs to have good writing skills, as well as good knowledge of website, social media platforms, and relevant IT software. In addition to routine maintenance of JI website and social media platforms, the candidate is also expected to provide support to content development for the digital media. The successful candidate should be able to communicate and work effectively with various JI offices and students.

1. Write and edit internal and social media content

  • English copywriting for digital media such as Facebook, Weibo and Linked In etc.
  • Support JI social media in driving more traffic and increasing follower numbers through engagement and interactivity
  • Provide translation of online contents when necessary
  • Edit JI internal and external E-newsletter

2. Update content for JI website and social media

  • News and Events updates
  • General information updates

3. Assist IT to develop the new functionalities for JI official website and social media

  • Data input and maintain
  • Identify, recommend, and prioritize new Web features and applications in conjunction with IT Office

4.Provide support for office daily operation

  • Prepare visitors welcome package
  •  Support faculty and the JI with administrative tasks as needed.

5. Other tasks assigned by supervisors.

Job Requirements

  1. Bachelor’s Degree or above in related fields
  2. Good communication skills with proof of English proficiency for native Chinese speaker or proof of Chinese proficiency for native English speaker
  3. Good experience or knowledge of website, social media platforms, and relevant IT software
  4. Good sense of customer service
  5. Quick learner and good team player
  6. Native English speaker or Chinese with overseas experience preferred

Position open: till 2016-08-31

Materials applicants should provide:

  1. CV in both Chinese and English
  2. English cover letter
  3. Degree certificate or recommendation form

Job Title: Lab Electrical Engineer

Job Summary & Responsibility :

Performs a variety of engineering work in the design and development of electronic and electrical systems, measurement, and other electronically functioning equipment and engineering processes; has oversight for the design, production, installation, operation, maintenance, and repair of lab equipment.

1. In charge of the daily operation of the teaching Lab at JI, including but not limited to the following duties

  • Development, operation and maintenance of equipment and tools in the teaching lab
  • Development of necessary lab instructions & manuals based on instructor’s requirements
  • Oversight of lab schedule, order & safety
  • Supplement of lab consumables, disposal of waste

2. Assist faculty and students with lab activities as well as experimental reports

3. Give presentations to visitors on relative technologies developed in the lab

4. Assist faculty members to teach lab courses

5. Other tasks assigned by supervisors.

Job Requirements:

  1. Ph.D. degree in Electronical Engineering or an equivalent combination of education;
  2. 5-8 years laboratory or engineering operation progressive experience (overseas experience preferred);
  3. Teaching experience in Electronical Engineering is a plus;
  4. Fluent in English in both speaking and writing
  5. Strong problem solving and interpersonal communication skills
  6. Hands-on experimental skills with machines experience are add-on values

Materials applicants should provide:

  1. CV in both Chinese and English
  2. English cover letter
  3. Degree certificate or recommendation form
  4. Portfolio of work product is required when you apply.
  5. Two References

Job Title: Financial Coordinator (Education & Administration)

Job Summary & Responsibility

  1. In charge of the financial transactions in RMB related to Education & Administration. Assist in Foreign Currency Transactions if necessary.
  2. Liaise and coordinate with SJTU Financial Department for reimbursement, internal transfer, and remittance of the Institute’s various educational and operating expenditure.
  3. Record and document all transactions in RMB related to Education & Administration submitted to SJTU for reference. Assist in Foreign Currency Transactions if necessary.
  4. Provide basic financial information regarding JI funds according to JI members’ data queries.
  5. In charge of application of declaration & Scrap of fixed assets related to Education & Administration.
  6. Make sure the records related to low-valued assets and fixed assets are updated timely and accurately.
  7. Make sure the documentation of declaration & Scrap of assets is timely.
  8. Liaise and coordinate with SJTU Assets Management Department, and SJTU Bidding Management office on the overall management of the Institute’s assets.
  9. In charge of speeding up the process of writing-off.
  10. Review and give feedbacks in Software to JI members related to the reimbursement in RMB. Assist in Foreign Currency Transactions if necessary.
  11. Provide timely help to JI members
  12. Other tasks assigned by line manager and the Institute’s Management Team.
  13. In charge of issuing and cancellation of Invoice.
  14. Online authentication of value added tax invoices.
  15. Finding out and claim back fund from SJTU System.
  16. Documentation of issued invoiced and related contracts.
  17. Management of Account Receivables.
  18. In charge of issuing SJTU Inside check and transactions inside SJTU.
  19. In charge of transactions related to SJTU Foundation.
  20. Provide Assistance to Financial Accountant and Manager.
  21. Other tasks assigned by supervisors.

Job Requirements

  1. Bachelor’s Degree majored in finance and Accounting Work License, Fresh Graduate is preferred
  2. Professional, well-organized and detail-oriented personality
  3. Strong responsibility and reliability
  4. Good at communication and interpersonal skills
  5. Good English language written and verbal skills
  6. Excellent Chinese language written and verbal skills
  7. Good service-oriented concept, Good at problem solving and Customer care skills
  8. Able to work independently as well as part of a team
  9. Basic IT skills
  10. Hard-working

Position open: till filled

Materials applicants should provide:

  1. CV in both Chinese and English
  2. English cover letter
  3. Degree certificate or recommendation form

Job Title: International Programs Coordinator

Position Summary:

This position will be housed in International Programs Office, the main administrative and advising office for International Programs at the UM-SJTU Joint Institute.

Essential Functions:

1. Maintain and manage the information flow of the JI IPO new website, IPO wechat subscription and official accounts on other social medias

  • Keep regular updates of the IPO social media accounts
  • Work with third party vendors and student teams to develop news articles, photos, videos and images

2. Serve as a secondary coordinator for JI’s Summer\Fall Program

  • Handle student visa inquires and issue related documents
  • Manage students registration and course selections
  • Prepare dorms and beddings, as well as welcome package inclusive of student ID cards, transportation cards, Guidebook, T-shirt, emergency cards, campus maps and etc.
  • Arrange and organize airport pick-ups, orientation and welcome parties, trips and excursions, field trips, sports activities, special events and etc.
  • Handle emergencies inclusive of illnesses, visa issues and etc.

3. Financial and budget coordination of the IPO office

  • Keep track on the office budget and give report to the supervisor
  • Sort out the financial documents and provide financial support to the IPO-organized events and activities

4. Maintain contact with vendors and third parties to provide support for international programs;

  • Arrange the design and producing of brochures, flyers, souvenirs and etc.
  •  Arrange logistics for IPO-organized student events and activities

5. IPO office daily administration, including the coordination with other offices and regular office works

6. Other task assigned by supervisor

Desired Qualifications:

  • Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree
  • Effective written and verbal communications skills in English is a must
  • Enthusiastic, responsible with good interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work in a team with people from various backgrounds
  • Proficient in using Word, Excel, map-making, and web browser software
  • Experience working with international students or in a culturally diverse service setting would be a plus

Position open: till filled

Materials applicants should provide:

1. CV in both Chinese and English

2. English cover letter

3. Degree certificate or recommendation form


If you are interested in the position, please send the required materials to Email: nc.ud1539711492e.utj1539711492s@rh-1539711492ij1539711492

Please mention the position you applied for in the title.