Yicheng Lu


(a) Professional Preparation
Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China Applied Physics B.S. & 1982
University of Colorado, Boulder, USA Electrical Engineering Ph.D. & 1988

(b) Appointments

  • Distinguished Professor, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2004 – present
  • Paul S. and Mary W. Monroe Faculty Scholar, The Endowed Professor, 2008 – present
  • Chairman, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2006.7 – 2010.8
  • Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2000 – 2004
  • Associate Professor with tenure, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 1994 – 2000
  • Graduate Faculty Member, Biomedical Engineering, 2004-Present
  • Graduate Faculty Member, Materials Science and Engineering, 1992 – present
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 1988 – 1994

(c) Selected Relevant Journal Publications (from 150 papers, *Graduate students advised)

  1. “ZnO Schottky Barriers and Ohmic Contacts”, Applied Physics Review, J. Appl. Phys. 109, 121301 (33 pages), June, 2011. (cover page) (Len Brillson and Yicheng Lu)
    - The paper was consistently ranked among the Top 20 Most Read Articles in J. Appl. Phys. for 12 months (2011.6-2012.5)
  2. “Reduction of Persistent Photoconductivity in ZnO Thin Film Transistor-Based UV Photodetector”, to appear in Appl. Phys. Lett., 101, 031118, 2012, (Pavel Ivanoff Reyes*, Chieh-Jen Ku*, Ziqing Duan*, Yi Xu, Eric Garfunkel and Yicheng Lu)
  3. “Effects of Mg on the Electrical Characteristics and Thermal Stability of MgxZn1-xO Thin Film Transistors”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 98, 123511, 2011. (Chieh-Jen Ku*, Ziqing Duan*, Pavel Ivanoff Reyes*, and Yicheng Lu, Yi Xu, Chien-Lan Hsueh and Eric Garfunkel)
  4. “ZnO Thin Film Transistor Immunosensor with High Sensitivity and Selectivity”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 98, 173702, 2011, (Pavel Reyes*, Chieh-Jen Ku*, Ziqing Duan*, Yicheng Lu, Aniruddh Solanki, Ki-Bum Lee)
    - The paper was selected as a featured article for the May 1, 2011 issue of Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research.
  5. “Morphology Effects on the Biofunctionalization of Nanostructured ZnO,” Langmuir, 28 (21), 7947, 2012 (Yan Cao, Elena Galoppini, Pavel Reyes*, Ziqing Duan*, and Yicheng Lu)
  6. “ZnO based Ultraviolet Detectors”, (J. Zhong* and Y.Lu), p.285-330 in Properties, Processes and Applications of ZnO (ed: C Litton), Wiley, ISBN 978-0-470-51971-4, 2011.
  7. “Effects of Mg Composition on Open Circuit Voltage in Cu2O-MgxZn1-xOHeterojunction Solar Cells, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 96, 292-297, 2012. (Ziqing Duan*, Aurelien Du Pasquier, Yicheng Lu, Yi Xu, Eric Garfunkel)
  8. “Polypeptide-based Enzyme Detection Using a Graphene-nanoparticle Hybrid Sensor” Advanced Materials, Published Online Sept. 7, 2012, DOI: 10.1002/adma.201202961 (Sung Myung, Perry T. Yin, Cheoljin Kim, Jaesung Park, Aniruddh Solanki, Pavel Ivanoff Reyes*, Yicheng Lu, Kwang S. Kim, Ki-Bum Lee)
  9. “ZnO nanostructure modified QCM for dynamic monitoring of cell adhesion and proliferation,” Biosensors and Bioelectronics, Published Online Oct. 11, 2012, doi: 10.1016/ j.bios.2012.07.039, (Pavel I. Reyes*, Ziqing Duan*, Yicheng Lu, D Khavulya, N Boustany)
  10. “Integrated ZnO Nanotips on GaN Light Emitting Diodes for Enhanced Emission Efficiency”, Appl. Phys. Lett, 90, pp. 203515, 2007 (J. Zhong*, H. Chen*, G. Saraf*, Y. Lu, C.K. Choi, J.J. Song, D.M. Mackie, and H. Shen)
  11. “Surface acoustic wave ultraviolet photodetectors using epitaxial ZnO multilayers grown on r-plane sapphire”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 85, 3702, 2004 (N. W. Emanetoglu*, J. Zhu*, Y. Chen*, J.Zhong*, Y. Chen*, and Y. Lu)
  12. “ZnO Schottky Ultraviolet Photodetectors”, J. Crystal Growth, vol. 225, pp.110-113, May 2001 (S. Liang*, H. Sheng*, Y. Liu*, Z. Huo*, Y. Lu, and H. Shen)
  13. 13. “Ultraviolet Detectors Based on Epitaxial ZnO Films Grown by MOCVD, TMS & IEEE J. Electronic Materials, 27, 69-74, Jan. 2000. (Ying Liu*, C.R. Gorla*, N.W. Emanetoglu*, S. Liang* and Y. Lu).
  14. “Schottky Diode with Ag on (11-20) Epitaxial ZnO Film”, Appl. Phys. Lett., vol.80, n.12, pp.2132-2134, March 25, 2002 (H. Sheng*, S. Muthukumar*, N. W. Emanetoglu*, and Y. Lu)
  15. “In-plane Anisotropic Strain in a-ZnO Films Grpwn on r-Sapphire Substrates”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 93, 041903, 2008 (G. Saraf*, Y. Lu, and T. Siegrist)

(d) Synergistic Activities

  1. Professor Lu’s group has invented an MOCVD selective growth technique to integrate ZnO nanotips and epitaxial films on the same SOS substrate. His group has demonstrated new ZnO devices, including Schottky diode, optically addressed high contrast and high speed UV light modulator, high speed ZnO MSM photoconductive and photovoltaic UV photodetectors, nano-SAW and TFT biosensors, wireless UV detector, monolithically integrated tunable SAW (MITSAW) chips, and integrated and ZnO reconfigurable electronics on glass. His group has demonstrated novel dye sensitized solar cells using ZnO-transparent and conductive oxide electrodes and nanotips. The integrated ZnO nanostructure/GaN LEDs significantly enhance the light extraction efficiency. Professor Lu has published over 220-refereed articles (~150 journal papers and 70 proceedings), gave ~260 conference presentations and invited lectures, and received 19 U.S. patents.
  2. Prof. Lu received the 1993 Warren I. Susman Award for Excellence in Teaching, the highest teaching award at Rutgers. In 1994 he received the Rutgers University Board of Trustees Research Fellowship award for Scholarly Excellence, and the IEEE Outstanding Student Counselor and Advisor Award in 1995. In 2002, Prof. Lu was one of the two recipients of the Rutgers Teacher-Scholar award.
  3. Prof. Lu’s students have received awards, including Rhodes Scholar, NSF Graduate Fellowship, National Research Council Fellowship, USA-TODAY All-USA College First Academic Team, and Outstanding Student Paper awards in international conferences.
  4. Leading chairman of the 5th International ZnO Workshop (Detroit, 2008); Co-organizer of the 2nd and 3rd International ZnO Workshops (Dayton, 2002, and Sendai, Japan, 2004); International Advisory Committee member of the 4th -7th International Workshops of ZnO and Related Materials (2006-2012); Organization Committee and Co-chairman in ZnO session of 2005 – 2012 Electronic Material Conference (EMC); Session Chairman of AFOSR ZnO conference (Hawaii, 2004).
  5. Reviewer for NRC, NSF, DOD and 14 journals.

(e) Thesis Advisor – Ph.D. Students Advised in Last 6 Years (2005-Present)

  • Chieh-Jen Ku (Ph.D in ECE, May 2013), Staff Scientist, Intel, WA
  • Pavel I. Reyes (Ph.D in ECE, May 2012), Research Associate, Rutgers Univ. NJ
  • Outstanding Research Achievement Award, Rutgers Graduate School. 2012
  • Ziqing Duan (Ph.D in ECE, May, 2012), Staff Scientist Appl. Materials Inc., CA
  • Graduate Student Achievement Award, Rutgers School of Engineering, 2012
  • Saraf, Gaurav (Ph.D. in ECE, May 2008), Staff Scientist, Applied Materials Inc., CA
  • Chen, Ying (Ph.D. in ECE, May 2008), Senior Engineer, Qualcomm, CA
  • Zhu, Jun (Ph.D. in ECE, Jan. 2008), Senior Design Engineer, ASM, NY
  • Zhang, Zheng (Ph.D. in ECE, Jan. 2008), Device Research Engineer, Spansion, CA
  • Chen, Hanhong (Ph.D. in ECE, May 2008), Research Staff Scientist, Intermolecular, CA
  • Zhong, Jian (Ph.D. in ECE, Oct. 2007), Staff Scientist, Microelectronic Inst. CAS, Beijing
  • Wu, Pan (Ph.D. in ECE, Oct. 2006), Business Analytical Engineer, TraidTrek, CT
  • Wittstruck, R. Harold (Ph.D. in ECE, May 2005), Chief Engineer, CECOM US Army, NJ
  • Sun, Maoyou (Ph.D. in ECE, March 2005), Vitass Semiconductors, NJ

Total number of graduated students advised since joining Rutgers: 23 Ph.D. and 12 M.S.
- Currently advising 5 Ph.D students and 1 postdoctoral associate.