Current Research Areas

  • Materials Design and Optimization

    Materials are key components for energy harvesting and storage, and are the basis for which energy management are built upon. In this research thrust, we combine state-of-the-art computational and experimental techniques to greatly accelerate materials discovery and processing optimization, with an overarching goal of improving the efficiency and service life of energy harvesting and storage materials.

  • Thermal Analysis and Modeling

    Effective cooling is a critical challenge for improving the performance, safety, and reliability of IT equipment, electrochemical energy devices and thermal storage systems. The tremendous growth of power consumption in electronic equipment demands innovative solutions to meet new challenges of thermal management and the storage and release of green energy rely greatly on the conduction, convective, and radiative heat transfer process.

  • Device Management and Implementation

    This cluster is dedicated to managing and implementing energy storage and distribution systems for a variety of applications. It brings together faculty members with backgrounds in control and optimization, data engineering, power electronics and power systems. Research interests include power conversions and devices, wireless power transfer, battery and energy management, and wide applications in electronic devices, electric vehicles, microgrids and smart grids, etc.