Whispering-gallery-mode Microresonator

Light is coupled to a microplate

Super-resolution Microscopy

Metal-Free Flat Lens Using Negative Refraction by Nonlinear Four-Wave Mixing

Plasmonic-enhanced Terahertz Wave Generation

Terahertz wave generation by plasmonic-enhanced difference-frequency generation

Whispering-gallery-mode Microresonators

Time-reversed Nonlinear Optics

The wave-mixing behavior of SHG process in the first nonlinear medium can be “time-reversed” in the second

Nonlinear Nanophotonics lab‘s main research lays on fundamental studies of optics at nano-scale, from basic physics problems to practical applications. We aim to attack some key problems by touching the fundamental physical limits, including but not limited to nonlinear optics , nanophotonics, quantum optics and plasmonics. Related applications include:

(1) super-resolution microscopy
(2) optical microcavity
(3) random laser
(4) nonlinear plasmonics
(5) entangled photon for quantum communication

OPENING: prospective postdoc, graduate students, please contact Dr. Wan: wenjie.wan@sjtu.edu.cn