The Research Project of MERECES Secure 2019 NSFC Funding


Recently, Associate Professor Yongxing Shen secured the General Project of 2019 NSFC funding, with direct funds of 620,000 yuan. The project is “Single-scale Parallel Numerical Method Development for Crack Propagation in Fiber-Reinforced Composites Based on Domain Decomposition and Manifold Learning”.


Interface Crack and Matrix Crack. This project aims to simulate the mutual transformation between interface crack and matrix crack under the condition of thermal mismatch and service loading


Advanced composite is the basic material of the aerospace structures. Crack propagation plays a crucial role in the design of composite components. Yongxing Shen’s project intends to simulate nucleation of matrix crack and interface debonding as well as the interaction between them due to thermal mismatch and service loading in the entire component, where the single-scale parallel algorithm is proposed, combining the numerical methods of both fracture mechanics and machine learning. It is expected to accomplish the balance of accuracy and efficiency as well as promoting the industrial applications of the cross-basic research in mechanics and data science.

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