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Codes by Our Lab
  • SCGen: A versatile generator framework for agile design of stochastic circuits (DATE'24): Paper; Source Code
  • HEDALS: Highly efficient delay-driven approximate logic synthesis (IEEE TCAD'23): Paper; Source Code
  • MECALS: A maximum error checking technique for approximate logic synthesis (DATE'23): Paper; Source Code
  • VECBEE: A versatile efficiency-accuracy configurable batch error estimation method for greedy approximate logic synthesis (IEEE TCAD'22): Paper; Source Code
  • MinAC: Minimal-area approximate compressor design based on exact synthesis for approximate multipliers (ISCAS'22): Paper; Source Code
  • MinSC: An exact synthesis-based method for minimal-area stochastic circuits under relaxed error bound (ICCAD'21): Paper; Source Code
  • GOMIL: global optimization of multiplier by integer linear programming (DATE'21): Paper; Source Code
  • Exploring target function approximation for stochastic circuit minimization (ICCAD'20): Paper; Source Code
  • ALSRAC: Approximate logic synthesis by resubstitution with approximate care set (DAC'20): Paper; Source Code
  • DALS: Delay-driven approximate logic synthesis (ICCAD'18): PaperSource Code
Useful Links for Circuit Design and EDA